It's really easy to get started with your first bitcoin or ethereum purchase. Simply follow the steps below and you'll be on your way in no time. Remember, you can always contact us if you have any questions - we'd love to hear from you!

1. Set up a bitcoin wallet 

The first step is to set up your bitcoin wallet. If you're not quite sure how to do this, have a look at our handy guide here which explains everything you need to know. We suggest using wallets from our wallet guide, as we know that they are secure and reputable in the bitcoin community. 

2. Create your order

After you've set up a bitcoin wallet, head over to our Bitcoin Order page here and fill in the form. Simply fill in your email address, wallet address, mobile number and the amount you would like to purchase. 

3. Choose your payment method

At Bitcoin Australia, we offer various methods of payment so that you can choose your preference. You can read up about our payment methods here so that you can make the right decision for your purchase. 

4. Identity Verification 

During your first order, you'll need to complete a once-off verification through a third party company "Digi ID".  You'll be required to enter two forms of identification for this (passport, driving license or Medicare card) and a residential address so make sure you have these details to hand. 

5. Selfie Verification 

Additionally, depending on your payment amount and method, we may require you to do an addition "selfie verification" check. This will require you to take a selfie holding your ID and a note stating "Bitcoin Purchase" with today's date. We really care about keeping our customer's safe online, and this additional compliance check allows us to rule out any cases of identity theft. 

6. Receive your bitcoin 

Once you have completed your order and verification checks, we will process your order and your bitcoin will be on their way to your wallet. Congratulations - you are now the owner of your very own cryptocurrency!